About Us

About us

The Alberta Masters Cross Country Ski Association serves to promote Masters Skiing across Alberta. The mission is to advocate and promote the physical, mental, and social benefits of cross-country skiing among its members.

The goal of this site is to act as a hub for all aspects of masters skiing, from recreational skiers to racing. Membership provides a common thread of information and promotes social interaction between members across the province.

Masters skiers are any group of skiers over the age of 30.  Often Masters skiers are viewed as only racers; however, the large majority of masters in clubs are recreational skiers who join for technique improvement, fitness, and to be a part of an active healthy social group.  Becoming a member of the Alberta Masters Cross Country Ski Association is a conduit to what is happening in the Masters community across Alberta.  We do encourage you to join one of the many amazing Masters clubs within the province, but should you decide not to, we are happy to provide access to the community and events.

The Alberta Masters Cross Country Ski Association operates as a provincial division under the Canadian Cross Country Ski Association.   Which promotes Cross Country Skiing nationally and, among many other functions, coordinates Canadian Masters Championships.  The World Masters Cross Country Ski Association hosts the annual Masters World Cup internationally and is the parent association for the Canadian Masters Cross Country Ski Association.

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